Arch Supports

The Arch supports can help eliminate foot pain Arch supports come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be purchased "off the shelf" or custom fit.  At one time, to get a custom fit support, you had to visit a podiatrist.  But, today, you can get a custom fit even in your own home. You simply need to order a kit from companies like Redi-thotics arch supports that provide the service.  The kit includes a casting box, which allows you to make an impression of each one of your feet. Once you give back the casting box to the manufacturer; they will create insoles that fit into your own feet. 


This kind of design will offer support Redi-Thotics Arch Supports  for the arches and will help to control improper foot motions that brings in pain in the heels, knees and back.  It's suitable for people that have normal or high arches, but not flat feet. If you have fallen arches, a custom insole will not offer the support that you require.  Your best bargain is to purchase an insole that takes the place of your own arches by springing and flexing when you walk. The cheapest arch supports are made of foam but they are not long lasting and are what you will typically see at a drug or department store.  They really don't offer much support, at all.

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